Carving Bench


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The Carving Bench is made from 1/2" plywood.
The size is approximately 16"x 16"
You can make adjustments according
to plate sizes you work with.

The strips of rubberized fabric offers
added non-slip and helps to protect
the carving on the back side of the plate

The holes are 3" apart and 3/8" dia.
The pegs are 3/8 dia sanded slightly
to be a snug fit in the holes.

The support rod is about 1/8" x 8" long with bend
that fit into a drilled hole centred in the side of tilt top.

A piano hinge attaches the bottom to tilt top.

The strip of wood acts as a stop on the Carving Bench
to hold it securely when carving.

The Carving Bench Hori-Dai offers very good back posture...
The unit I am using does not have the stop on the front edge.
I choose to have 2 pegs in the table at the back edge of my Hori-Dai.
The size I use is for large plates up to 30 x 24
Carving Stop (Hori Dai) Copyright © Graham A. Scholes.

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